Emergency Medical Responder

Course Description

The Canadian Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Course develops first aid skills for professional positions. It is a 40-hour upgrade to First Responder (FR).

Building on the skills covered in FR, EMR emphasizes critical judgement and decision-making when making transportation decisions about patients. The course includes a scenario-based exam.

The Canadian Red Cross EMR is a recognized prerequisite for licensing as an EMR in the province of British Columbia. Candidates are eligible for EMA Licensing within a year of completing the course should they choose to proceed with this career. If you are interested in practicing as a licensed EMR in the province of British Columbia, you must complete the further requirements and exams administered by the B.C. EMA Licensing Board and will be subject to their requirements.

This course requires approximately 8 hours of pre-reading and assignments.

Included in Course Fees

  • 3 year certification with the Canadian Red Cross (when you successfully complete the course)
  • A personal copy of the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Care textbook
  • Lunches and dinners

Proper use of a Bag Valve Mask


You must have a current and valid Canadian Red Cross First Responder (FR) card. St. John Ambulance AMFR I is considered equivalent.

MedVents/MedRovers must have authorization from their group Head Medical Trainer and have completed Level II.

You must have authorization from the course instructor before registering.

To discuss your participation in this course, please email training@24mv.ca. Once approved, you will receive the access code for registration.

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