Need OFA-1? The Red Cross version of the course is called “Workplace Emergency First Aid” (WEFA). WEFA is accepted by WorkSafeBC as fully equivalent and interchangeable for the purposes of OFA Level 1 training and uses the same materials and core curriculum as all OFA Level 1 training in BC.

You can verify the equivalency of the WEFA certificate to OFA-1 on the WorkSafeBC website by clicking here. The Red Cross course is towards the bottom of the page.

Course Description

This 8-hour program covers the standardized WorkSafeBC curriculum that occupational first aid attendants need to achieve Level 1. This course includes the following topics:

  • Understanding the WorkSafeBC paperwork and processes, the role of the occupational first aider, and the assessment of returning-to-work
  • CPR for Adults (CPR-A)
  • Basic care for those with suspected spinal injuries
  • Caring for minor wounds and deadly bleeds
  • Serious emergency medical conditions

You have two options:

  1. Need just OFA-1? Sign up for the one-day WEFA course. ($75)
  2. Need OFA-1 but also want Standard First Aid? You can complete both courses in two days (S-WEFA), as opposed to taking them separately, saving you both money and time! This allows you to meet both provincial and federal obligations for workplace first aid, as well as those for your Scouting role (and not to mention your personal life). ($150)

For those taking Option 2 (S-WEFA), separate receipts are available on request so that you can seek reimbursement from your employer for the WEFA portion of the combined course.

Included in Course Fees

  • 3-yr certification(s) with the Canadian Red Cross on successfully completing the course
  • Personal copy of the Canadian Red Cross WEFA and/or First Aid textbook


  • Must be 16 years old or older on the day of the WEFA course (no exceptions)
  • Must bring valid ID (see link for details)
  • Must agree to perform requirements of an Occupational First Aider, and be physically able to perform all skills

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