WEFA Identification Requirements

from Appendix A of the WorkSafeBC Training and Certification Standard

There are no exceptions to the age or identification requirements for WEFA (OFA-1) candidates

Acceptable photographic identification (only require one piece):

  • Valid Canadian or U.S. Driver’s License.
  • Valid passport
  • Valid BC student identification card issued for the current school year
  • Employee picture identification card
  • Native status picture identification card
  • BC photo identification (digital) issued November 1996 or later
  • Other Canadian Government Issued Photo I.D.

If a candidate does not possess valid photographic identification as listed, they must present one primary and two secondary pieces of identification. The following will be considered acceptable:

Primary Identification Secondary Identification
Birth certificate Naturalization certificate
Canadian citizenship ID Marriage certificate
Canadian record of landing Change of name certificate
Canadian student visa Parole certificate
Canadian work visa Valid credit card (if name is on card)
Returning resident permit Bank card (if name is on card)
Vehicle registration
Social insurance card (if offered)
BC care card (if offered)
OFA certificate or equivalent
Correctional service conditional release card